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New Navy - Zimbabwe (RUFUS Remix)

This is always good to hear. Young Australian artist producing genuine quality music. The original version of Zimbabwe by Sydney band New Navy was one of last years catchy gems and launched them into a really good place.
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My favourite time of the year

December is pretty awesome for a number of reasons. Actually there's lots of reasons! Summer rolls around (officially. happy first day of summer everyone!), the cricket is on in Australia and my birthday and Christmas fall in close succession.

Peugeot Restoration - Part 1

I love bikes to bits. I love bikes in bits, in means there's a chance to put them back together again (which I also love!) I've got a special love for classic old frames and when i saw a mid 70s Peugeot bike in reasonable knick on ebay it got my mind racing (excuse the pun).

Stef and Noodle's Wedding

Stef and Noddles (a.k.a Brendan) got married last Monday. It was brilliant. Good mate's weddings are the best, there's nothing but love and friendship in the air.

Get your summer groove on

I'm off to see a few locals at the Corner tonight as it's been a little too long since I saw some local live music. Ballarat five piece Goldfields have their EP launch on with support from Brisbane band Millions who won Triple Js unearthed comp for SITG this year.

The 5 Best thrashings in the Premier League era

It was almost a week ago now, however Manchester City's 6-1 annihilation of a previously unflappable Man Utd outfit has sparked questions about the champions chances of defending their crown and cemented City's place at the top of the table at this (very) early stage of the season.

How much is too much?

In 1987 the Finance world was brought to its knees when Wall Street collapsed, sparking a global financial meltdown not seen since the depression. In the movie world however, the finance sector was booming, and Wall Street the film introduced us to Gordon Gecko, the slick trader brilliantly played by Michael Douglas. “Greed is good” became a household saying and its impact is still audible more than 20 years later in the lexicon of today.