Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My favourite time of the year

December is pretty awesome for a number of reasons. Actually there's lots of reasons! Summer rolls around (officially. happy first day of summer everyone!), the cricket is on in Australia and my birthday and Christmas fall in close succession.

Then of course there's time off over Christmas of course and the Boxing Day test. However, one event occurs in the second weekend December that has me more excited than anything else. It's an annual thing that I share with many friends and have done so for 5 years (with others having done it for many many more!)

It is an event.
An experience.
A pilgrimage.
An adventure.
The Supernatural Amphitheater
It is the Meredith Music Festival, and this year she turns 21.

Quite simply it is one of the highlights of my year and the most special festival in all of Australia. Amazing music form awesome bands that you know and many that you don't. You'll always come away from Meredith having learned about a new band. No advertising or sponsors, same size as it's been for years, BYO booze, and best of all, thanks to the 'No Dickhead' policy, amazing people. The people are truly what make Meredith so special. Oh, and the animal suits are pretty good : )

This year the line up look's pretty solid, quite excited about a few bands in particular check out tracks from a few below.

Grinderman - What I Know

Gang Gang Dance - First Communion

ladyhawke - magic (extended)

Cut Copy - Pharaohs and Pyramids

Kurt Vile & The Violators - On Tour (Live)

Some of the magic from Merediths past. Bring on 2011!

getting ready

animal suits a plenty

campsite is always half the fun!

Patrick Wolf in 2009

facepaint is prevalent to say the least

the Meredith Eye always get's a workout

my lovely girlfriend flick at at 2010 Meredith

Little Red (i think) in 2009

The sunset over the plaines is always incredible

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