Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Peugeot Restoration - Part 1

I love bikes to bits. I love bikes in bits, in means there's a chance to put them back together again (which I also love!) I've got a special love for classic old frames and when i saw a mid 70s Peugeot bike in reasonable knick on ebay it got my mind racing (excuse the pun).

Not knowing a heap about French bikes I started researching a bit and found out a bit about the PR10 that this bloke was selling. Turns out they're close to topline bikes with excellent steel tubing and are are very very nice bikes when done up. No brainer! I ended up getting it for $50 from ebay, bargain. Below are some photos as it looked when I picked it up.

I've already picked up a whole new vintage group-set (Shimano EX600 Arabesque - but more on that in another post) and am going to get the frame sandblasted and powder coated white before re-fitting everything and applying New Peugeot french flag decals. The image below is an indication of what the finished product may look like..... stay tuned!

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  1. What is your favourite bit? How much lubricant is needed to have a good ride?